Who is cheaper : iTunes? Flipkart? Hungama?

Now that iTunes has launched in India, it’s bound to be compared with homegrown players like Flipkart’s Flyte and Hungama.

Is iTunes pricing cheaper than Flipkart’s Flyte or Hungama?

Among all the players, Hungama offers a fixed fee model and charges flat fee of INR 10/song and 99 songs for INR 99 (30 days timeframe) plus DRMed content (details here).

We decided to give both iTunes and Flyte a spin (Hungama follows a flat-fee model, so we skipped it) Р we randomly selected few albums (different genre) and here are the results (a sort of apple to apple comparison!)

AlbumiTunes (INR)Flyte (INR)
Agent Vinod8099
Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu8463
Jab Tak Hai Jaan108135
Chak de India8435
Indian Ocean – Desert Rain84100
Its Ok Its All Good (Pentagram)120100
Sufi Soul (Hamza)3020

Is iTunes cheaper than Flipkart? Or vice versa?

There is no clear winner here – but we believe that this game is more about access and distribution and customers aren’t just paying for the media, but also for the consistent experience across devices.

What’s your opinion?

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