Exclusive: Sequoia Capital invests $3mn in Dexetra

Dexetra, the company behind Iris (SIRI of Android) has raised $3mn funding from Sequoia Capital.

Dexetra earlier raised funding from One97 Mobility fund and from what we know, One97 fund has partially exited in the company (update; Vijay has declined this).

The Bangalore based startup recently announced integration of its 2 successful product – Iris and Friday. The integration will enable you to ask questions about your life, yes, about your past moments and it will use friday app to fetch you answers.

Iris has server over 250 million answers through the platform and Friday boasts of over 100 million documents to the Friday cloud.

Sequoia Capital (and IDG) earlier invested $10mn in Sourcebits, an app development (services) company and today the fund announced co-investment in location based ad platform, AdNear.

/ Developing: We have reached out to Sequoia, Dexetra and One97 fund for more details.

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