Balloon, Bow & Arrow App by Indian App Developer gatecrashes into the top 10 slot in Android Play Store


Apps democratizes the dev world and while the top slots are mostly taken by WhatsApp and AngryBirds of the world, an app (Balloon, Bow & Arrow) by Mumbai based app developer, Manas Gajare has made it to the top slot:

1. # 1 in top free casual games category.

2. #10 in ‘Top Free’ Apps in the Play store.

Balloon, Bow & Arrow App

– You have got a bow and 25 arrows. Shoot as many balloons as you can.
– Different types of balloons originate from the ground and fly into the sky. Hit them with arrows.
– You get different score depending on the size of balloon you shoot (make a hat-trick and you gain 2 arrows

Launched on October 14th, the app boasts of 250000 downloads (170000 active installs) with zero marketing $$s spent in app promotion.

This isn’t the first time that India based app developer has gatecrashed into the top slot – earlier Games2Win’s Parking Frenzy app made it to top 10 within a few days of the launch and expect India app developers to now crash into the paid category as well (now that Google has extended its paid-app support to Indian app developers).

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