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  • Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy

    If you’re the right sort of person, you’ll win even in a bad economy. And if you’re not, a good economy won’t save you. Someone who thinks “I better not start a startup now, because the economy is so bad” is making the same mistake as the people who thought during the Bubble “all I […] More

  • Five Tips For Managing Your Startup During An Economic Downturn (

    Navigating the impact of a recession won’t be easy, but with the right preventative measures, startups can position themselves to ride out the storm.

    1. Undertake proven cost-cutting measures.

    2.  Turn to freelancers.

    3. Be smart about alternative funding options.

    4. Develop a plan of action with your strategic partners.

    5. Consider pivoting your business. 

  • El Salvador Seeks Help from Binance on Bitcoin Adoption, Dogecoin Rises

    Binance suspends LUNA and UST trading

    1. At #Binance we prioritize user protection. We made the decision to suspend LUNA and UST trading. Here’s why. A thread 👇 2. An exponential amount of new LUNA were minted due to flaws in the design of the Terra protocol. Their validators have suspended their entire network, resulting in no deposits or withdrawals possible […] More

  • The dribbblisation of design (

    There are divergent things happening in the product and interaction design community. On one hand, we have some amazing pieces of writing from the likes of Ryan Singer and Julie Zhuo, moving our craft forward. On the other hand, we have a growing number of people posting and discussing their work on Dribbble, the aggregated results of which are moving our craft backwards.

  • Default Alive or Default Dead? (

    When I talk to a startup that’s been operating for more than 8 or 9 months, the first thing I want to know is almost always the same. Assuming their expenses remain constant and their revenue growth is what it has been over the last several months, do they make it to profitability on the money they have left? Or to put it more dramatically, by default do they live or die?

    The startling thing is how often the founders themselves don’t know. Half the founders I talk to don’t know whether they’re default alive or default dead.

  • How to give effective feedback?

    Irrespective of whether you are a first time manager or an experienced one, learning to give constructive feedback to your team member or colleagues helps create a positive outcome and long term relationships that goes beyond the work. This collection helps you get to the gist of giving effective feedback to your colleague. For a […] More

  • Drafted

    Write better job ads, hire better talent. More

  • Why Disney Is Getting Into the Furniture Business

    Each piece contains the typical trappings of Disney-think wall-mounted shelving shaped like mouse ears and rugs adorned with doodles of Rebel Alliance Starfighters-but is covert enough to not dominate their surroundings. Compare that to the global box office, which brought in a paltry $21 billion last year and still hasn’t fully bounced back from pandemic […] More

  • WordPress' market share is shrinking (

    For the first time in a very long time, WordPress’ market share is shrinking. This post explores the numbers, and why that is happening.

    think WordPress, for the first time in a decade, is being out-“innovated”. Now I say “innovated” because Squarespace and Wix are not really doing anything that new. They’re just implementing best practices for both site speed and SEO. They are, however, rolling that out for all their users. So all of their users get better and better page speed performance and improved SEO. As a result more and more of their sites are doing well. This means the set of sites that W3Techs is measuring, changes. And thus the top 10 million sites in the world will have more Squarespace and Wix sites. Those sites are actually doing better than their WordPress competitors.

  • Coinbase CEO: Trading in India halted because of RBI’s informal pressure

    Coinbase halted trading service in India because of “informal pressure” from the Reserve Bank of India, the crypto exchange’s chief executive said on Tuesday, addressing the notable Indian episode for the first time in a month Coinbase launched its eponymous crypto trading service in India to much fanfare on April 7. The Reserve Bank of […] More

  • What if Coinbase goes bankrupt? Founder Brian shares the details

    CoinBase’s latest filing with SEC states “In the event of a bankruptcy, our customers could be treated as our general unsecured creditors.” Does it mean that when they eventually go bankrupt, they will use customer’s crypto to bail themselves out? Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO shares the details 1/ There is some noise about a disclosure […] More

  • 9 Psychology Hacks To Stop Overthinking

    9 Psychology Hacks To Stop Overthinking. – Thread – 1.Change the way you talk to yourself. – Overthinkers always keep saying negative things to themselves. – If you keep saying yourself “I can never be on time. I can’t commit to anything”. Your brain believes the same, as you keep repeating that. Next time, Repeat […] More

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