AirGol: Video as a service for consumers and enterprise [Unpluggd demo # 6]


AirGol offers video as a service for mass consumers and enterprises. Its a social app on the cloud and can be used on any iOS or Android device. The app was made by Noida headquartered OnGraph Technologies, an enterprise/consumer web and mobile applications development outsourcing services company.

The app can be used by mass consumers, businesses in retail, leisure, media and real estate companies to start with. It makes sharing videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks easier. It uploads and shares the video as you record it.

Videos can drive traffic, enhance visitor engagement and increase customer conversions, especially for industries like the media, retail, eCommerce, leisure and real-estate. AirGol can help you create rich content without using heavy infrastructure and works on a pay as you go model.  Built on Java, GAE, LAMP, Objective C, C/ C++, the app is free for consumers for who want to share 1 minute videos on Facebook.

For enterprises, it works on a subscription model and offers multiple pricing plans.

Features & Functionality

– Broadcast your video Live as you capture it, to your friends/family on Facebook

– Works almost real time

– Works over a Wi-Fi network, 2G, 3G, GPRS or any mobile network

– Public broadcasts can be viewed by anyone

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